About Gits 2020

The GITS 2020 is the ideal platform for IT professionals, aspirants and start-ups to interact with industry leaders and investors across the world. The congregation of enthusiasts with achievers not only increases your exposure but drives you a step closer to success.

About GITS2020

The GITS 2020 at a Glance

The GITS 2020 is a Virtual event on Sept 11 Themed as “Digital Connectivity and Global IT Security under One Umbrella”, The GITS 2020 targets IT entrepreneurs, professionals, academicians and the student community. With participation of delegates from more than 30+ countries from the industry, esteemed educational institutions and government bodies, the summit will undoubtedly mark the transformation and revolution of the IT sector. The GITS 2020 paves way for the curious minds in understanding all the aspects of developments in the IT sector, enables you to build new networks and collaborate with potential partners from IT hotspots of the world like UK, USA, India, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Australia and Middle East.

What You Benefit from the GITS 2020

  • Two days of constant collaboration and interaction with influential IT personnel, potential investors and technocrats across the world.
  • Panel discussions, workshops, Fire Chat, debate and demo date sessions and key note presentation from eminent IT scholars.
  • Over 300 invitees including, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, esteemed CEOs, Members of Parliament, academicians will make their valuable presence.
  • Countless opportunities for healthy tie-ups, budding start-ups, SMEs and multinationals alike
About GITS2020

Why You Wouldn't Want to Miss The Gits 2020

  • The GITS 2020 is your window to discover and embrace the latest developments and trends in the IT industry. This is your opportunity to shape the future of Information Technology and play a significant role in the advancement of the industry.
  • Inspiring and carefully designed sessions of the summit create the ideal atmosphere for thoughtful discussions and debates about Information Technology.
  • With participants ranging from CEOs and COOs to banking and financial experts, don’t miss out on your chance to get answers to all your mind-boggling questions.
  • This is an era of constant innovation and changing trends in digitisation. IT sector is witnessing rapid changes and The GITS will help you stay competitive whilst adapting to the changes.
  • This is an era of constant innovation and changing trends in digitisation. IT sector is witnessing rapid changes and The GITS will help you stay competitive whilst adapting to the changes.
  • Finally, emergent start-ups and evolving businesses are changing the face of IT industry across the world. So, don’t be left out of a convention that’s sure to accelerate your career.
About GITS2020

Why the Gits 2020 is Your Key to Success

The summit commences with an eye-opening session on the title "FinTech, Smartcity & Cyber Security", honoured by the presence of eminent business leaders from IT giants and product companies like Apple, Google, SAP, Oracle, Cisco, HCL, IBM, Deloitte, Mind Tree, Virgin Group, British Telecom, Bhawan CyberTek, Suse amongst others. Get access to the most powerful and impactful thought leaders from the industry as they elaborate on the driving industry trends.

Get insightful tips from our panel discussion that enlightens you about the experiences of CEOs, COOs, CFOs and other prominent faces from the industry. Our seminars go beyond the constraints of traditional learning environment and facilitate learning in an interactive setting.

To help you keep up with the trends, the summit delves into trending industry topics like ‘The Next Generation Financial Hub’, ‘Software as a Service’, ‘Revolution in AI, Machine Learning & Block Chain Tech’, 'Innovation in SmartCity', 'Reality of Cyber Security' and ‘Augmented and Virtual Realities’.

Get ready for some hands on experience with our workshops on ‘Design Thinking’, ‘Cyber Security and Hackathon’ and ‘Block chain and Artificial Intelligence’. Dive into the heart of the issue and develop deeper understandings. You will be personally guided throughout the process by industrial experts. Gather hands-on experience and tangible takeaways that can be immediately implemented into your business.

Featuring a one of a kind ‘Demo Date’ for startups as a part of pitching festival. The GITS 2020 will unveil the potential of 50 innovative start-ups amidst the crowd of investors and members from renowned financial institutions. With The GITS 2020, you have a chance to get your business under the spotlight and raise the eyebrow of eager investors.

Why the GITS by WTO

WTO truly believes that the contribution of the IT professionals is of paramount importance in the enhancement of the digital world. We therefore, consider The GITS as the perfect opportunity to celebrate the achievements and zest of the IT industry in improving the quality of digital connectivity and IT security across the world.

The GITS 2020 also aims at promoting a secure and happy work environment and the congregation of the different sects of the IT community ranging from promising start-ups to dominant industry leaders to make the most of the market opportunity. This enables people in the industry single out avenues for partnership, investment and venture creation.