Strategic Advisory

Consultants at FinaSolve are highly specialised experts in understanding business dynamics. We strive to provide the best strategies to our clients with the integration of AI and ML in the business models. Considering the evolving market trends and competitive landscape, we focus on brainstorming ideas to provide you with the best strategies to transform your financial stability.


Considering the impact of both the forces of regulations and technology onto the restructuring of Europe’s financial industry, FinaSolve understands that it is quite complex to comply with the regulations, minimising the compliance risks, while integrating technological changes into your financial model. Our experts work closely with you to provide the best solutions to your critical challenges to improve your business efficiency. Our consultants can help you with meeting your greatest needs.

Regulatory Reporting

Finasolve solutions help you meet the regulatory requirements for trade and communications surveillance, transaction reporting, record keeping, trade reconstruction and best execution reporting under regulations such as MiFID II, EMIR, MAR, Dodd-Frank and SM&CR.

FinaSolves focuses on providing you AI and ML based data cleansing solutions that will let you adapt to current and upcoming regulatory technical standards. Solutions will be tailored according to your financial standing and the current market demand. A report will be structured after the analysis of capital market dynamics. The client will be able to make an informed decision promoting stability.

Agile Creative Solutions

FinaSolve’s highly skilled experts and consultants are fully dedicated to enhancing strategic relationships with the financial institutions. Our AI integrated analysis, monitoring, and reporting system helps companies in detecting frauds, manage their assets, and get Fintech and Regtech solutions. All the agile, creative solutions are at your doorstep now.

KYC / Client Onboarding Process

Fuel up the process of client onboarding through the ease of obtaining their information during the account opening process. Companies are required to provide KYC information to regulatory authorities upon request. We provide services on behalf of the client in the preparation and submission of KYC reports in respect of accountable accounts, and financial and personal information.


FinaSolve’s Regtech solutions are optimised for the automation and digitisation of anti-money laundering (AML) rules aimed at reducing illicit proceeds. Our experts will analyse the data of your company and inform you instantly about the issues. One-stop solution to your AML problems.


FinaSolve can help you in obtaining all the necessary information of your clients to assess their interests and design your product according to their demands and needs. It will help you in maintaining a report of your clients in order to identify potential threats like money laundering.

Pre Trading Analytics

FinaSolve deploys Trading’s Next Generation Model to facilitate your investment process better. Our trading experts transform decades of insightful analytics into useful datasets. Considering all the ups and downs in the FX market and forecasting the next moves, we help you in making the best trading decisions.

Market Data and Price Aggregation Service

FinaSolve solves the issues of institutional investors by offering quality and cost-effective market data and price pattern analytics. Trader sentiment, volume, and other trading tools help our experts in providing you with powerful market insights.

Trading Algorithm

FinaSolve’s advanced AI and Alternative Data integrated trading tools execute large orders according to the pre-determined variables. The algorithm uses the AI in mitigating the risks and increasing the profit ratio of all the trades.

Trading Solution

FinaSolve’s trading solutions help the clients in making the best trading decisions related to Equities and Commodities.  The financial market has experienced a major shift in a recent couple of years. Our trading solutions will help adapt to the dynamic market conditions

STP Solutions

STP solutions seamlessly integrate the front and back end office functions, lowers the operation cost and risk on settlements, and helps an institutional growth. Only FinaSolve can help you in making your operations cost-effective.

FIX Engine

Through our long list of experience, we have built a FIX Engine to decrease the turnaround time for order execution. The new FIX-based communication link will make client onboarding and monitoring simple

Order Management Systems

Finasolve provides a suite of advanced trading tools, that include a powerful API, a full functional EMS/OMS and a fully managed FIX routing network that easily integrates with your Java, .NET, C/C++ raw sockets, or Excel applications. We support trading in Equities, Futures, Options, Rates, Credit, Commodities , Fixed Income and FX.

Matching Engine

Finasolve’s tools develop the best matching engines for the clients. It will facilitate the matching of buyers and sellers using various algorithms.

Multi-Market Integration Platform

Through API, FinaSolve facilitates the integration of multiple markets to provide the best operational and trading decisions to the clients.

Blockchain-Based Smart Contract Solutions

FinaSolve’s blockchain-based Smart Contracts can save a tremendous amount of time and cost compared to transactions that are performed by a person. Improve your business operations now. We also utilise Blockchain for Capital Market transactions to save time and cost.

Settlement Solutions

With innovatively structured settlement programs, FinaSolve provides comprehensive and creative settlement solutions to process the distribution of settlement proceeds.

Treasury Solutions

Simple, flexible, and innovative treasury solutions for better performance and risk management are at your service. Finasolve’s treasury solutions improve the performance and processing of your business and enhance the reporting process.

Digital Ledger Solutions

Digital Ledger solutions integrated with blockchain technology, provides the best operational solutions to the clients. Now, accelerate your business processes with the help of FinaSolve’s digital ledger solutions.

Payment Solutions

One of the best payment solutions providers in the world. FinaSolve’s experts study your business and your target market and offer the best payment solutions to you.

Openbanking API

Openbanking API is a huge leap for the financial industry in the evolution of how banks share their data and maintain functionality. Under the umbrella of openbanking API, FinaSolve deals with the following;

  • Omni-channel banking
  • Modular banking
  • Smart Banking
  • Digital Banking
  • Connections access
  • Distributed work
  • Unit production
  • Shared value
  • Abundance management

Robotic Process Automation

Through FinaSolve’s Robotic Process Automation, we help our clients in reducing their staffing cost and human error while enhancing the quality of operations and functions being performed.

AI Chatbot Integration

Handling moderately sophisticated conversations, FinaSolve’s AI chatbot integration helps clients in saving their time, resources, and cost while focusing on the other aspects of their businesses.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Eliminating the need for a central authority to process, control, and authenticate transactions, DLT integration helps businesses in saving cost and time.

Machine Learning Algorithms for Finance

FinaSolve’s service of Machine Learning Algorithms for Finance helps the clients in reducing their operations cost through process automation. It helps them in increasing their revenues through better productivity and better compliance and reinforced security.

The Machine Learning Algorithm for Finance that we work on are;

  • Clustering Algorithms
  • Anomaly Detection Algorithms
  • Regression Algorithms
  • Multi-Class Classification Algorithms